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Here are some of the areas which are to form part of this club's planned activities

1. Working together on a project. ( As well as working on a layout - Yeovil East - Club members are learning new skills)  


There will  be opportunities for the Club to come together to set up a project, a Club layout  in 2009. In the meantime, Club members are working on Yeovil East, a layout which needs to be worked on and in which all can contribute and gain expertise in the area they choose to work in. (for more information about Yeovil East, see  website)

2. Building a model railway : (this will be part of the activities of the Club in 2009, when we will be starting on our own Club layout)


Initial ideas: where do I build it ? how much space do I have available ? what kind of railway do I want  - out and back, runaround layout, a mixture of ideas ? which gauge would be best (available rollong stock, kits , extras for the kind of layout I would prefer) ? which era (or time), or region, or country do I want to build ?

Design considerations: drawing out ideas, flexi or set track, or own built track, type of baseboards - solid, open top, or other design ideas ? Is the layout fixed or portable, can it be stored away when not in use ?

Track: laying the track, ballasting, wiring the track (including the turnouts/points) , the effect of using DCC or DC wiring, signals, control points.

Scenery: land, buildings, trees, water.

DCC: the implications of choosing (or not) DCC on a layout. the use of a computer with a model railway.

3. Visits to other layouts or Exhibitions.

There are so many exhibitions and layouts not too far away, that Club visits would be another option

These details are continued on the Club Room news and Events and Meetings pages, as well as details of exhibitions on the Calendar page 

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